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Our formulations are a result of years of research and testing. We go to great lengths to bring you expert formulations that respect your safety, pleasure and our shared responsibility for the planet.



In our commitment to environmental consciousness, we exclusively employ 100% natural soy wax in the creation of our candles. Harvested from soybeans, this wax not only exudes a clean and pure burn, but also a testament to sustainable practices. By exclusively using soy, we steer away from paraffin and its associated environmental implications.

The result is an olfactory experience that not only elevates ambiance but aligns seamlessly with our ethos of elegance, ecological responsibility, and a profound respect for the discerning tastes of our patrons. Each flicker of our candles becomes a harmonious blend of sophistication and ecological mindfulness, casting both light and virtue into the spaces they grace.


Our fragrance blends are a complex symphony for your soul. All of our fragrances adhere to IFRA and RIFM standards so that you can rely on their safety and purity. All of our fragrances are manufactured in Australia, are phthalate-free, vegan-friendly and have not been tested on animals.


We use Magnesium Chloride ethically sourced from a pristine lake on the Tibetan Plateau, some 3,200m+ above sea level for our magnesium oil body mist. Known to be of very high quality and free from contaminants and pollutants that are often found at sea level. Our magnesium is rich in minerals and trace elements.